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RideECO is easy to use and can help you save nearly $1,000 a year. One of the main reasons companies sign up is because commuters like you ask for the program. So let your employer know about RideECO today.


  • Save Time

    It’s quick and easy to order online.

  • Save nearly $1,000 a year

    You can set aside up to $265 per month before taxes are taken out.

  • It’s so easy

    No more searching for change for your commute.

  • Go Green

    It’s more environmentally friendly.

Savings Calculator

How much will you save?

Put your numbers into our savings calculator to estimate how much you can save with RideECO.

Savings Calculator
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    tax bracket.

*Calculations assume an annual earnings of each participating employee is below the Social Security Wage Base of $128,700. Savings are for illustrative purposes only.

Transit Options

Where can Easy Commute Options take you?

RideECO can be used to purchase passes, tickets and tokens for all transit agencies in the Delaware Valley as well as in southern New Jersey, northern Delaware and Central Pennsylvania. These include:

*The list above may not represent all agencies that accept RideECO. Please contact us with questions. Please check with your transit provider for authorized sales locations.


What is RideECO?

RideECO is an Easy Commute Option program employers can offer to their employees to help pay for the cost of commuting to work on public transportation or in vanpools.

How do I get RideECO?

Your employer decides if and how to offer the program. Some offer the program through pre-tax payroll deductions, allowing commuters and employers to benefit from tax savings. Other employers offer RideECO as an employer-paid benefit.

How can I find out if my workplace offers RideECO?

Ask your human resources department if your workplace offers our program.

How do I get my employer to sign up for RideECO?

Let your human resources department know that you take public transportation to work and are interested in RideECO. You can speak to your employer directly, request that we contact your employer via email or download a brochure.

How do I use these vouchers?

Vouchers may be redeemed or the stored value card may be used to purchase tickets, fare card loads (including SEPTA Key and PATCO FREEDOM Card), monthly or weekly passes with every major area transit agency in our region including: SEPTA, PATCO, NJ Transit (including the RiverLINE), DART First State, and Amtrak.1

In Central Pennsylvania, the following transit agencies accept RideECO: Capital Area Transit (Harrisburg), LT (Lebanon Transit), Red Rose (Lancaster County), rabbittransit (York County), BARTA (Berks County) and Amtrak.2

Even Commute with Enterprise (vanpooling) accepts our products. Contact your transit provider directly for information about authorized sales locations. See Regional Transit Resources for more information.

1For PATCO riders, benefits are also available for electronic upload to FREEDOM cards.

2For Amtrak, you may use RideECO products to purchase monthly commuter tickets only.

What if my RideECO value is different than the cost of my ticket or pass?

If you purchase fare materials that cost more than the value of your RideECO voucher or card, you pay the difference. If you purchase fare materials that cost less than the value of your card or voucher, you will not get any change. Please note, you may redeem your RideECO card in one transaction or over multiple transactions until the balance is $0.

Will my RideECO products expire?

Yes, vouchers are good for 13 months from the date of issue. You must use your voucher before it expires. Expired vouchers cannot be accepted or replaced. Balances on the RideECO prepaid card carry over into subsequent months, with a maximum balance of $2,000.

Can RideECO products be used to pay for parking?

Commuters who use SEPTA’s Permit-by-Mail program may be able to receive an additional $25 in RideECO value each month to help cover parking costs. It is up to your employer whether or not to offer this additional parking benefit. The parking benefit is available only when it is combined with a SEPTA monthly trail pass purchase through SEPTA’s Permit-by-Mail program.

What should I do if my RideECO product is lost, damaged or stolen?

Handle your vouchers with care. They will not be replaced if lost, tampered with, stolen, worn or torn. If you have any concerns about your vouchers, contact your human resources department. If you have a RideECO card, please call 855.518.3790 to notify us that the card is lost or stolen to protect the balance on the card.

I still have more questions. Who should I contact?

First speak to your human resources department if you have questions about your vouchers or to find out about commuter benefits at your workplace. For general information about the program, email RideECO@dvrpc.org or call 215.592.1800.


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