Boost your bottom line without spending a dime.

RideECO is a low-cost, simple employee benefit that provides Easy Commute Options. The program can pay for itself and yields substantial tax savings when it’s implemented through pre-tax payroll deductions.


of Easy Commute Options

  • Save Money

    Pre-tax deductions save employers on FICA taxes.

  • Save Time

    It’s quick and easy to order online.

  • Boost Morale

    Employees can nearly $1,000 a year.

  • Help Employees

    They can get to work on time and with less stress.

  • Go Green

    It’s more environmentally friendly.

  • Best workplaces

    Using RideECO helps qualify your organization for this recognition.

  • Size doesn’t matter

    It doesn’t matter how large or small your organization is or how many people participate, you still save.

  • Benefits package

    Including RideECO makes your current package more attractive to employees.

Savings Calculator

It all adds up to savings

Input your numbers into our savings calculator to estimate what your organization can save with RideECO.

Savings Calculator

*Calculations assume annual earnings of each participating employee is below the Social Security Wage Base of $118,500. Savings are for illustrative purposes only.

Product Options

Two ways to save

There are two flexible, money-saving choices open to you.

Comparison of the two money-saving choices open to you.
RideECO RideECO Select
RideECO vouchers are ordered and distributed at your worksite. They can be redeemed to purchase tickets, tokens and passes with every major area public transportation agency. RideECO Select is ideal for larger employers or those with multiple locations. Commuters can place orders online. Vouchers, passes, tickets, or a RideECO prepaid card are delivered directly to commuters’ homes or office addresses. RideECO cards and PATCO FREEDOM Cards can be reloaded electronically each month.
Employers manage all aspects of enrollment. Enrollment Employers upload commuter rosters online. RideECO Select requires a minimum participation level of 20.
Employers place commuters’ orders for vouchers or FREEDOM Card loads. They can do this online. Ordering Participating commuters place and manage their own orders online.
Employers manage all aspects of benefit. Administration Employers have access to RideECO invoices and order reports online.
Employers distribute vouchers to commuters and PATCO FREEDOM Cards are loaded with RideECO funds. Delivery / Distribution Vouchers, fare materials (tickets/passes) or a RideECO prepaid card is sent to commuter’s preferred address by DVRPC. PATCO FREEDOM Cards are loaded with RideECO funds.
5% of the cash value of the order, plus S&H of $18 per shipment Fees $3.25 per participant, per month, along with 2% of the cash value of orders


How much does it cost to participate in RideECO?

The cost of the program is a 5% service fee on the total cash value of vouchers ordered, plus a $18 shipping and handling fee per order. If you offer RideECO through pre-tax payroll deductions, your company could see FICA payroll tax savings of more than 7.65% — so the program can pay for itself!

Dollar value of vouchers ordered $700
5% service fee (5% of $700) $35
Shipping and handling $18
Total payment amount $753
Can I sign up if only one or two employees will participate?

Yes! There’s no minimum number of participants or order amount.

I recently placed an order for vouchers. When will they arrive?

Normally, vouchers arrive within two weeks after we recieve payment. Allow one extra week if you are a first-time participant. For information about the status of your order, call our fulfillment house at 800.531.2828.

Who participates in RideECO?

In the Delaware Valley, more than 700 organizations participate in RideECO, including local branches of multinational firms, nonprofits, law firms, medical offices and government agencies.

Is RideECO like a Flexible Spending Account?

Our program is not a flexible spending account benefit. Unlike flexible spending accounts, there’s no use-it-or-lose-it penalty with RideECO. The program is authorized as a tax-free benefit under Section 132(f) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Commuting costs paid for through RideECO are not subject to federal income and FICA taxes. Employees can receive up to $265 per month in benefits. There is also no requirement to prepare a plan or final report, as with Section 125 plans.

How long are vouchers valid?

Vouchers are valid for 13 months from the date of order. This allows for flexibility as to when you distribute the vouchers to your staff. If you do have expired vouchers, RideECO can arrange for a face-value credit toward a future order of vouchers. Please note that refunds are not permitted.

Can RideECO be used to pay for parking?

You may opt to offer an additional $25 voucher to employees that participate in SEPTA’s Permit-by-Mail program. This additional parking benefit is available only when it is combined with a SEPTA monthly trail pass purchase through the Permit-by-Mail (PDF, 82KB) program.

What administration is involved with offering RideECO?

The program is easy to administer. Simply place your order online and mail the payment. You can distribute vouchers to employees along with paychecks. If you are offering RideECO through employee-paid payroll deductions, instruct your payroll or accounting department to coordinate a pre-tax payroll deduction for RideECO under Section 132(f) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

If you are a large employer, have multiple locations or simply want added convenience, consider signing up for our premium RideECO Select service. RideECO Select cuts administration down to just minutes each month because commuters can order their monthly benefit online, providing their employer with easy approval of the total invoice. And direct delivery of vouchers, passes or RideECO prepaid card to commuter’s home or office address.

What tax savings are associated with RideECO?

When you offer RideECO through pre-tax payroll deductions, commuters can save nearly $1,000 a year and employers more than $230 per year for each employee that participates. Employees can set aside up to $265 per month from federal income and FICA taxes, and employers save on the matching FICA taxes. The cost of administering the program can be tax-deductible. Please consult an accountant or licensed tax attorney with questions.

What if my company’s headquarters are not located in the area?

No problem. RideECO can be provided to employees in this region even if benefits administration is not handled at your company’s local office.


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